Tom “GOAT” Brady

Seriously, how could someone hate Tom Brady? If you really don’t like the guy be honest with yourself, it’s because you wish you were him. Dates hot super model then dumps her for hot super model. Wins five Super Bowls. Makes millions. Shoves success in Roger Goodell’s face. Is the GOAT. What more can the guy do? He’s already at the top of the world and he somehow, someway, just got cooler because of this advertisement:

As a Bills fan, I have nothing but respect for the greatest quarterback of all time. The dude even ran for a first down in Sunday’s game so all of you haters can’t even knock him for being “unathletic.” Go ahead and hate on Belichick all you want, but Brady? Have some respect for a living god.

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  1. Professor Pepe says:

    great post

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