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Tom “GOAT” Brady

Seriously, how could someone hate Tom Brady? If you really don’t like the guy be honest with yourself, it’s because you wish you were him. Dates hot super model then dumps her for hot super model. Wins five Super Bowls. … Continue reading

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Why Cheering for Winning Teams Sucks

It’s an odd thing to say but hear me out. Cheering for teams that make the playoffs and are bound for success every year sucks. I’ll wait for you to stop screaming before I continue. done yet? It’s easy to … Continue reading

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The Manning Debate: Eli

Arguing for Eli is almost sacrilegious, he has defeated my team in the Super Bowl twice and solidified himself, mostly after his second triumphant showing, as an ELIte, oh how I loathe that pun, quarterback in the NFL. It is also … Continue reading

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