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At least that’s what I am guessing the sport featured is. The guys reaction is priceless and almost as good as Ron Artest running into the stands….almost. Via: Reddit Advertisements

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Lolo Jones Challenges Eric LeGrand to a Race and Loses (all her fans)

Lolo Jones, you’re sexy, fast and get criticized for everything that you do, including being sexy and fast. Therefore it’s not a big surprise that after a, so called, innocent tweet to Eric LeGrand she is in hot water once … Continue reading

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There’s Smart, There’s Stupid

Being a writer, blogger, columnist, reporter, etc. you know that causing a bit of controversy  can lead to publicity and, therefore, more views/likes/whatever you use to measure success. In this particular case an Australian sport commentator decided to say some … Continue reading

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Men’s High Bar; Your Jaw Will Be on the Floor in Moments

So this guy, Epke Zonderland, not only has the most kick ass name at the Olympics, aside from Dong Dong, is pretty good at a sport that is generally overlooked. The high bar at the Olympics is crazy and it … Continue reading

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Phelps’ Retirement: What Will He Do With His Life?

Now that Michael Phelps’ career is over here’s what I think he’ll do during his retirement… Smoke ALL THE WEED Teach Jason Bay how to hit Impregnate the entire Brazilian Volleyball team Embark on his “Who Needs College?” speaking tour … Continue reading

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Olympics Opening Ceremony: What the Hell?

via SB Nation This is what the Olympic Opening Ceremony will consist of. Now, I get it, Britain doesn’t have 1 billion slaves people like China did for their ceremony, but really? The Hobbits are really gonna be pissed when … Continue reading

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