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Final Thoughts on the Former Tour Champion

I thought this got posted a loooong time ago. It didn’t, but I needed to share my thoughts. Enjoy. We all know the story by now. Man overcomes cancer, wins multiple Tour De France titles, becomes the face of a … Continue reading

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Cano Banned? Jeter Leaving the Yankees?

Rumors run wild all the time and some stick for some reason, usually because it involves a big name player who every hates because they are so good. It happens all the time in tabloids, fan blogs, lawsuits, etc. When … Continue reading

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It’s Skip Bayless’ World Whether We Want to Live in it Our Not

By now you’ve probably heard about Skip Bayless questioning Derek Jeter’s integrity. Here’s the video. Skip Bayless is certainly a polarizing figure in the sports world. He is in love with all things Tim Tebow, and seems to get a … Continue reading

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PED’s in Baseball: Time For a Change

The more I read about Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon cheating the game of baseball the angrier I get. 50 games is not enough. I want years. In Bartolo’s case, since he has basically reached the end of the road, … Continue reading

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