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Analysis of NHL Shop

My professor, Professor Pepe (who writes a really great digital marketing blog), has asked that we run an analysis of a website to assess it’s traffic, conversion, and revenue maximization. I chose http://shop.nhl.com/ for this assignment because of my interest for … Continue reading

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Sidney Crosby Ain’t Sorry

You would think that a guy who is the face of the NHL would be a little more careful with his words. In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mr. Crosby stated that he wasn’t sorry for [possibly] breaking Claude … Continue reading

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Favorites from Sports Conspiracy Thread on Reddit

I came across this thread and thought a lot of these people are pretty insane, but then I got to thinking as I read through and it verified that yes, in fact, these people are insane. In no particular order: … Continue reading

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Breaking Glass to Celebrate: A New Trend?

A Junior Hockey player in NJ decided hockey goal celebrations need to go a little further. In custom with all hockey goals, he skates toward the boards, leaps into the glass and it shatters upon impact. I like the new … Continue reading

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NBA Loses First Two Weeks, and Why Fantasy Basketball Sucks

The NBA Lockout is in full effect as commissioner David Stern has announced that the first two weeks of the season have been cancelled. Does anybody really care? The NFL lockout was HUGE news. So big that it pushed the … Continue reading

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