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Email Marketing: Baseball Express

I was recently tasked by Professor Pepe, who is certified in Google AdWords and Analytics, to discuss email marketing. The first step that I needed to take was to sign up for a website’s email subscription. I’m already on Baseball Express’ … Continue reading

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On-Site SEO Ranking Analysis

Professor Pepe, writer of https://marketingbyprofessorpepe.wordpress.com/, has given our class the assignment of discussing how to improve and increase an SEO ranking. For starters, SEO stands for search engine optimization. In a nutshell, it’s basically how a website or webpage can be … Continue reading

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Analysis of NHL Shop

My professor, Professor Pepe (who writes a really great digital marketing blog), has asked that we run an analysis of a website to assess it’s traffic, conversion, and revenue maximization. I chose http://shop.nhl.com/ for this assignment because of my interest for … Continue reading

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Jim Leyritz Has the Best Default Picture of Anyone on Google

I googled Luis Sojo earlier to ensure I had the correct spelling of his name, with this Google populated a list of players other people have searched for. As I flipped through the pictures of such great athletes the Yankees … Continue reading

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I Google’d Sports…The Results are In

I was inspired after watching this collection of the best sports gifs and decided it was my time to gather a collection of ridiculous pictures and post them. I chose to use the word “Sports” as my search inquiry and … Continue reading

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Become an Athlete in 3 Easy Steps

We all secretly want to become athletes. All the recognition and highlights, clicking on the tube to watch yourself and call your friend to brag about how awesome you are. Well this post isn’t about that because, if you’re anything … Continue reading

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