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Kevin Durant Has No Regard For Human Life

Maricn Gortat does the most Polish thing possible…Puts up a weak defense and gets beat. Advertisements

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How Should We Judge Lance Armstrong?

In Lance Armstrong’s upcoming interview with Oprah, he will admit that he did indeed use performance enhancing drugs. The years of denying rumors and going on the offensive against people who accused him of doping were all a lie. So … Continue reading

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The Case For Craig Biggio

3,000 hits. Seems like an automatic bid for the Hall of Fame… Unless your name is Craig Biggio. Biggio was an Astro for life; he came up as a catcher, played second base, and then later on in his career … Continue reading

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The Worst Announcer Not Named Joe Buck

Bucknell’s announcer loses his sh*t over a layup.

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12 Days of Sportsmas

SING ALONG IF YOU KNOW THE WORDS!!!! On the _____ day of Christmas my bookie gave to me… 12 Bricked Howard Free Throws 11 Russell ‘Chips 10 Doofy Eli’s 9 Perfect Innings 8 NASCAR Crashes 7 Trout’s a Leaping 6 … Continue reading

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A Jets’ Carol (With Crappy Pictures From Microsoft Paint!!)

Tim Tebow and Rex Ryan just aren’t getting along. This is troubling news, especially since it’s Tebow’…I mean Jesus’ B Day. This is a time of forgiveness, and getting along. Tebow should practice what…I mean Jesus preaches. On Sunday … Continue reading

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When the World Ends

Please fill in the blanks to help this story run smoother. As you are busy preparing for the apocalypse caused by _______ (Zombies, 4 Horsemen, Yellowstone Volcano Exploding, Asteroids, Aliens, Mayan Zombies, Mayan Aliens) I decided to spend my last … Continue reading

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