Marketing Yourself on LinkedIn

Step one: create a LinkedIn profile. After that just fill in the blanks. If you can put the time into building up your profile, you will have everything you need and a very professional profile. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to edit your profile, as it just takes a few clicks and some thinking to get it done.

What have I done to market myself on LinkedIn?

To start, I’ve connected with as many people in my field, from my school, or that I know as possible. Connecting with the right people can make you more known in the communities that you want to be involved in. Alumni networks and groups on the site are a great way to start. I’ve also continued to update my profile and really alter it so that it focuses on what I want to be known for. Right now, I intern with the Albany Devils so that is one of the first things listed on my page.

I believe that it’s important to have a pitch for yourself in the case that you connect with someone that may be able to help you. I have an outline saved on my computer for sending messages to find out about job opportunities. Having this makes the process more efficient for myself. I have reached out to people that work for professional sports teams and received responses regarding my messages, so simply reaching out works.

Additionally, using all of the tools that LinkedIn provides is only going to make marketing yourself easier. For instance, the site provides job suggestions that can be easily applied to, so you should have your settings set up in a way that you receive the right job recommendations.

I’ll be honest, I have a lot of room for growth with my profile, so I am going to use these two great articles to help me improve:


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