Email Marketing: Baseball Express

I was recently tasked by Professor Pepe, who is certified in Google AdWords and Analytics, to discuss email marketing. The first step that I needed to take was to sign up for a website’s email subscription. I’m already on Baseball Express’ list so I used to analyze email marketing. I signed up for this mailing list because I wanted to know when the site was having deals on its products. I don’t buy baseball gear year round, I maybe make two or three purchases, so it’s important to me that I get the best deal possible when I am buying. The amount of emails that I get normally depends on the time of the year. Over the winter I don’t receive as many as I would in a month like March or June. When I get the emails, I do read them because like I said, I want to get a good deal on my gear, and I’m normally always looking for something. Let’s look at two recent emails that I received from the site:

Email 1:

Subject Line: Save $140 – Easton 2015 S3 -10 Big Barrel Bat – Now Only $59.88

So right away I’m not interested because I haven’t used a big barrel bat in about 10 years, but I know that their emails contain a lot of info so I opened it anyway. When I opened it, the big barrel deal was front and center, with other deals listed below it. The email also had two calls to action, the first being “Save $140!” and the second as “shop now.” Neither one intrigued me enough to click on any links. As far as quantity of ads, there were about ten total within the email as it was very lengthy. This email definitely wasn’t specified for me because it’s a site that only sells baseball and softball equipment, so it can get away with sending general emails. The email was effective because I clicked on it which made me more aware of the brand and its products. In future emails, Baseball Express should look to offer deals on new products to increase consumer awareness.

Email 2:

Subject Line: Last Day – 15% Off Storewide + Free Shipping on Orders over $99 – Easter Sale

I was more interested in this email because it was for a storewide sale. When I opened the email, the 15% deal as well as the free shipping deal were the first things I saw, along with the call to action of “Last Day! Buy Now!” It was practically the same email as the first one, but with a different headlining advertisement. Their next emails should be similar to this one because the general sale may pull more clicks.

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  1. Professor Pepe says:

    great post

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