Analysis of NHL Shop

My professor, Professor Pepe (who writes a really great digital marketing blog), has asked that we run an analysis of a website to assess it’s traffic, conversion, and revenue maximization. I chose for this assignment because of my interest for hockey and because I never use it to purchase overpriced hockey jerseys (thank you eBay).

NHL Shop definitely gets a lot of traffic because of it’s direct association with the National Hockey League. Each of the 30 teams has its own personalized page on the site so fans can find their favorite teams’ merchandise with ease.

The domain score is an 85/100 and the page authority is a 61/100, according to Domain score predicts how well that a domain will perform on a search engine. So if someone is searching for “hockey jerseys” the NHL Shop will show up first and more often. Page authority is the same thing but for a page. The page authority is probably worse than the domain authority because searchers go to their team’s page rather than the NHL Shop home page.

In order to increase traffic, if at all possible, NHL Shop could advertise more on Google to create more awareness to those exploring the web. The site could also increase it’s fonts on the top of the page to increase its rating on search engines. Referrals through each team’s website would also be a great way to increase traffic. A smart and easy thing to do would be to advertise in arenas and on broadcasts of games.

Something like this:


Conversion rates for this site are as simple as a customer completing a purchase. These rates can be increased by having email lists (which I am on in case of a miracle sale), personal accounts for shoppers, and other customer engaging things.

Revenue maximization is made when conversions come together. In order to increase revenues, the site can have sales, bundles, and other customer opportunities. Taking these actions will increase sales and future sale opportunities.

Keywords are a big part of increasing the search ranking of a website. NHL Shop should think that its customers are going to search things like: NHL, hockey, merchandise, specific team names, jerseys, hats, etc. These keywords should be used a lot on each page in order to increase search rankings.

NHL Shop is the number one resource for hockey related merchandise because of its traffic, conversion, and revenue maximization. It is a well-designed website that makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

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  1. Professor Pepe says:

    great post

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