We’re Back! Digital Marketing is Taking Over the Sports World

You thought that you got rid of us?


Ladies and gentlemen, the sports world hasn’t come to an end yet. Sportacalypse is still here and will be until judgement day. We’re here because the sports world needs our opinions. Now I know I know, this site has been as barren as the Buffalo Bills’ trophy case but unlike them we’re going to stick with one coach and see what he can do. That coach is me.

Recently, I was given a class assignment to create a blog but thought why not just get the gears grinding again on this platform? Sportacalypse is just pulling a little Michael Jordan. We thought we could go try out some other things, but we’re back where we belong and are just going to pretend like nothing happened.

We promise to try to be funny and we guarantee that we will annoy you, but in all honesty Sportacalypse is dedicated to bringing you the best videos, bloopers, analysis, and strange happenings covering the entire sports spectrum. If you are as involved in sports as I am, you’ll love this blog!

This blog will be targeted towards those who enjoy sports, a new sports take every once in a while, a good laugh, and anyone and everyone (hi Mom). The class that inspired the re-up of Sportacalypse is called Digital Marketing, so some posts will be incorporating the importance and relevance of digital marketing. This topic has a lot to do with social media advertising and generating views through search engines, so what better way to experiment and learn about this than with a blog? I know that I tend to learn more when I can relate things to the sports world, so my goal is to do this with digital marketing as I write about sports.

I hope that we can all enjoy ourselves and learn a thing or two along the way!

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