How Should We Judge Lance Armstrong?

IMG_69591In Lance Armstrong’s upcoming interview with Oprah, he will admit that he did indeed use performance enhancing drugs. The years of denying rumors and going on the offensive against people who accused him of doping were all a lie. So were all of his Tour de France victories.

Yes, Lance Armstrong did cheat and then lie to the public about it, but the thing that makes his case unique is the Livestrong Foundation, which has raised millions and millions of dollars for cancer research. His foundation really put the fight against cancer in the spotlight with their yellow bands and having a dominant professional athlete as the face of the fight.

If Armstrong never won a tour title would people still be enthusiastic about wearing a yellow wristband? The answer is no. We don’t put losers on a pedestal. We want to be associated with a winner; what bigger winner was there other than Armstrong?

Cycling is the most doped up sport in the world; the guys who don’t cheat don’t win, and they sure as hell don’t dominate the way Armstrong did. With that being said, It still doesn’t make what he did right. If Armstrong admitted he used and then led a battle to rid the sport of the drug abuse, we would probably be looking at him in a different light today.

Here’s where things get cloudy…Anyone who has been directly or indirectly affected by cancer has to be appreciative of Armstrong’s efforts in the fight against it. However, the purists in sports have to also look at the basic fact that he cheated. Not only did he cheat, he lied about it for all if these years. His fight against cancer isn’t a sham, but his career is.

Armstrong did what many of us have. He got caught up in a lie and couldn’t find a way out before it was too late. Unfortunately for him, he was considered a role model and a hero to so many people.

Before we tear him down, make fun of him on social media sites, and say that he’s just another athlete who let us all down, let’s remember the good he has done. I’m not saying he belongs on a pedestal anymore, but instead of ripping him off of it, let him climb down himself.


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