The Case For Craig Biggio

craig biggio23,000 hits. Seems like an automatic bid for the Hall of Fame…

Unless your name is Craig Biggio.

Biggio was an Astro for life; he came up as a catcher, played second base, and then later on in his career became a solid outfielder. What more can you ask of a guy? In this steroid induced ballot why couldn’t the writers elect someone who exemplified what the game is all about? Biggio is the white knight in the fog of this issue. Put him in. Set an example of how a player who did it the right way on and off the field earns his rightful spot in the Hall.

Don’t give me any of this “hit .280” crap either. The dude got 3,000 hits, including 600 doubles and over 450 stolen bases. He made six all star teams. Let that sink in for a minute. lists Derek jeter, Cal Ripken Jr., and Robin Yount as similar batters to Biggio. As a matter of fact 8 out of the 10 they compare to Biggio are either in the Hall or are going there (sorry Johnny Damon).

Biggio not getting in would be another shame for this great game. None of this “he’s not a first ballot guy” either….I’m sorry is he going to be playing anymore? No. So what is going to change in his stats between now and then?

Looks like we can add Hall of Fame balloting to the jokes of what this game is becoming; file this in with All-Star game counting and the Astros being forced to move to the American League.

Baseball deserves better.


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