Ohio High Schoolers And The Hidden Truth

Please read this Deadspin & New York Times article, this needs to have more coverage and those involved need to be punished. Please click the link, below is my response to this story.

Kids are dumb, especially jock athletes who run the towns they are heroes in. We’ve all seen Varsity Blues and how the not so fabricated movie showed the treatment of local football stars. They are put on pedestals, given warnings because cops were former players for the high school, showered with praise and gifts. I understand how a cop can brush an open container ticket under the carpet as that one blemish may cause a kid to lose a scholarship, but a call to their parents needs to be made to ensure that he/she is on thin ice with “the law.”

But none of this happens.

The story above is a disturbing and sickening display of cruelty, obsession, depravity, and immoral justice. High School kids not only took advantage of a drunk and, seemingly, unresponsive girl by multiple times molesting and raping her for their amusement. Tweets, pictures, videos were sent to one another without a care about the girls safety or regard for her as a person. Mocking and joking about the unfolding actions these two football players were participating in, the girl being used as a piece of meat for their own pleasure. No one stopped the two “boys” who committed these acts but instead made rape jokes about them but still understood the gravity of the situation by saying, “…I wouldn’t want to be this girl.”

The story continues to expose the actions of a town who is too enamored by their pathetic obsession with high school sports. People who relish on their old football trophies, who have framed and hung their jersey, who would rather feed football players for free than go out of their way to serve at a soup kitchen. These people tried to cover up this story, tried to save the two boys accused of rape from persecution and even tried to leave them unpunished for these savage attacks.

Let’s not mince words here, these two boys who committed and those who watched are animals and deserve any punishment they get.

The coach of this team Reno Saccoccia (please let everyone know about this disgusting human being) didn’t even punish any of the members of his football team for their actions or their refusal to act during the rape of a girl who was passed out from drinking too much.

Remember, kids are dumb. That will be the platform for this, “kids do stupid things.” This wasn’t an act by dumb kids, this was a orchestrated event that took on multiple stages and escalated to full rape of a incoherently drunk girl that fell victim to the animal like instincts of a small town that puts their heroes above the law. Everyone involved in this needs to be punished, and everyone needs to stop acting like sports figures are better than other human beings, especially when those same figures have destroyed the dignity, reputation and life of an innocent person.

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