Pissed Off Pops: Costas Needs to Know His Place

Here is the first edition of Pissed Off Pops: a segment to let my dad vent about his views on sports. This article is referring to the unfortunate incident involving Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher, and Bob Costas’ speech on the incident.

bobcostasguncontrolBob Costas gave a halftime lecture on gun control during NBC’s telecast of Sunday Night Football.  Halftime is normally used for dissecting the first half of the game combined with scores and highlights from previous games. Instead he took advantage of his airtime to express his liberal gun control views to a national audience.

Whenever Costas speaks, it’s usually a talk down to us “ignorant” sports fans about what he knows, and claims to know, sort of like the “all seeing eye “ of sports. Big words and long quotes make him one of the biggest bores, especially during the Olympics (as do most NBC sportscasters).

As a sports fan and legal gun owner I found it to be more disturbing than amusing when I watched the replay of his lecture. As with most anti-gun advocates they take a tragedy like domestic violence and make it a soap box for their views with biased information. They will tell you about the lives taken by people with guns but never about the ones saved (over 2 million ) each year by legal gun owners.

If Belcher ran over his girlfriend with his 122k Bentley and then crashed it into the stadium wall would Costas be advocating the recall of all expensive over the top luxury cars?

I think not.


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