R! G! 3! R! G! 3!

I don’t know about you guys but this is the most impressive play by a quarterback I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, let’s break this down for a moment. RG3 scrambles from the pockets, gains a first down but keeps running, eventually he is tracked down from behind and then as he is starting to slide to end the play he purposely fumbles the ball to another player so he can score the touchdown. Yeah, that’s right. Let’s see any other quarterback in the game do that. That right there is Derek Jeter type awareness. Knowing the situation and being able to fumble the ball when he is mere millimeters away from hitting the turf! R! G! 3! Indeed, Washington Redskins fans.

Of course any sane fan or anyone who was actually watching the game would know that despite all efforts to think that RG3 actually pulled off the most amazing play in football ever he didn’t. It was a fumble Redskins fans. Plain and simple. There was no trickery; he fumbled the ball and was lucky enough to have an astute player in Josh Morgan around to clean up the mess he almost caused. So next time cheer JA-OSH MOR-GAN instead of
R! G! 3!

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One Response to R! G! 3! R! G! 3!

  1. pissed off pops says:

    He used to ride on top of an X Wing fighter.

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