Star Wars Episode 7 Emperor Stern and the San Antonio Spurs Fiasco

If you have been in a closet since last night, the biggest news in the sports world is that the San Antonio Spurs sent 4 of their players (Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Danny Green) home from a road trip a day early, much do the chagrin of Emperor Stern…


Over the past 18 hours i have heard some of the most ridiculous opinions on this topic….here’s what I think… 

1. Greg Popovich’s job doesn’t depend on winning a non-conference game, in Miami, on November 29th. His job is to end the season with the Larry O’Brien trophy. Other than tv ratings, this game is meaningless. and to be honest, the media firestorm caused by this decision probably hauled in more viewers…so really TNT and Darth Stern should thank coach Pop!!

2. I can admit sending Parker and Green at ages 30 and 25 home is a bit odd, but I don’t know how much you can get out of a 36 year old Duncan and a 35 year old Manu playing against a young team that is at its best when on the fast break. God forbid a 36 year old man gets an extra day to spend with his family in a season that stretches from Pre-Season in September to the Finals in the middle of JUNE!!!!

3. I heard some garbage about how it’s unfair for a Spurs fan who bought tickets to the game just to see the Spurs see a shell of their full team.

First off be a true fan…I hate people that like players only.

That’s what’s wrong with the NBA today, it’s all player driven and not team driven. I argue consistently with people who say that Andrew Bynum is one of the best centers in the league. Talent-wise there is no question he is near the top…when he feels like giving that effort. I would take a guy I could count on every night for 15 and 10 over someone who will put up a 30 point game every now and then, because he feels like it.

I know people that “liked” the bulls in the Jordan years, then after his retirement, they were the biggest Shaquille O’Neal Lakers fan you could find. Then you’re a Cavs fan since LeBron is the best player in the league, and those fans are now Heat fans. Stick with a team…the Championship trophy doesn’t have names on it like Jordan, Olajuwon, Duncan and James…it has team names like the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls and Pistons.

If you are truly a Spurs fan, it shouldn’t matter who’s on the court when you go to see them…you should still root for your team.

4. I heard garbage about fans wanting money back since the big 3 for SA didn’t play. That’s a Pandora’s box that no one should open…what happens if people buy advance tickets just to find that a player has an injury, or a family emergency that takes them away from a game…does the NBA refund those tickets, absolutely not

5. The Spurs almost beat the Heat!!! SA led the entire second half until a 3 by the most prolific shooter in nba history put Miami ahead with 30 seconds left. The Spurs are a very deep team, and that is why they are ALWAYS in contention, because if a star is in  a slump they can have a competent bunch off the bench.


I can’t wait until Adam Silver takes over and gets rid of this dictator!!!


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