Where Are You Now…Armando Benítez

“I have no idea what I’m doing”

Armando Benitez was an interesting figure when it came to New York sports. When playing for the Orioles the Yankee faithful were happy to see him running out of the opposing bullpen and Mets fans would groan and complain when he entered into the game from theirs. A closer that at one point was one of the most dominate in the game quickly became the laughing stock of major league fans across the country. He was passed around by more teams than the turkey plate during Thanksgiving (sorry) before finally leaving the MLB gracefully to pitch in where else but Long Island for the famous Ducks! Armando, I always loved the days sitting in Yankee stadium when they were down three runs in the bottom of the ninth and saw you trotting toward the mound and where uninformed fans gave up hope and tried to beat the traffic I knew where your allegiances lied and you were a true Yankee at heart. Thank you for all the laughs and some of the best moments in my lifetime of being a Yankee fan.

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