Fireman Ed “Quits”

That’s right J-E-T-S fans your unofficial, but official douchebag, mascot/cheerleader/all around loser Ed, who cares what his last name is, has quit. That means you will no longer know how to spell J-E-T-S because he is the one who lead that cheer. Ed quit due to people mocking him and although he “can handle [him]self…” he no longer wants to be the teams oldest and creepiest cheerleader. The best part about Fireman Ed is the fact that he can no longer take being picked on and made fun of, guess it reminds him too much of high school, yet this is the man that has gotten into fights with opposing team fans. Good job Ed, just another example of a douchebag who can dish it out but not take it.

evidence below:

Also, he sparked this…no wonder he thinks he is relevant…

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2 Responses to Fireman Ed “Quits”

  1. pissed off pops says:

    Ed just sucks. Should have gone to the Freddie school of fans at Yankee stadium; a blind man with a spoon hung in longer than that jack ass fireman.

  2. Izzy Michaels says:

    What a putz!

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