Selig Voids Blockbuster Trade, Maybe

Anyone who cares about off-season baseball is in a rage about a recent deal that sent Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson, among others, to the Toronto Blue Jays for, what seems to me, basically a bag of peanuts and a player who is going to cause more controversy than the already controversial abomination that is Marlins Park. The good news, or bad depending on what side you take, is that Bud Selig has taken time and climbed down off his piles and piles of money to actually take a look at this self inflicted mortal wound to a franchise that one year prior threw more money at players than middle aged divorced men throwing money at single mothers at the Hustler club.

“I can’t hear you over the counting of all my money that is happening in my head right now”

So now king Selig has the opportunity to “review”, his words not mine, the trade that has taken place that makes one team an instant contender in the AL East and one team more of a complete disaster than they already were. So, playing devils advocate here is why Selig may veto the trade.

Pro-Veto: Baseball always has and always will be an elitist sport that will always take care of it’s top members (i.e. the GMs). Selig, who is a “former owner” of the Milwaukee Brewers, has a select group of friends he holds close to his heart and will protect them in any way that he can. With all that being said Selig may veto this trade because of the outrage it has caused. Now please, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The current outrage by players and fans of the Miami Marlins is not of concern to the MLB Czar it’s the internal conflict he is facing from the other GMs around the league that are no doubt calling and leaving nasty voice mails telling him he can’t come to their weekly money burning ceremonies. For the MLB to keep it’s integrity and, although very comedic, stand true to their luxury tax and the top should feed the bottom theories this trade cannot go through. Not only because of what I said but if Miami fails so does Selig! If the MLB has a weak team, remember the Blue Jays, although somewhat inept recently, have a pretty loyal fan-base, the money doesn’t come in for the league and Selig, in turn, looks weak. In order to make sure his pockets are fat he needs to make sure this trade is protested and turned over. LONG LIVE THE KI… COMMISSIONER!

Money, remember people baseball is a business, rules this sport and if the foundation of a sport run by money mongers starts to crumble the money goes running elsewhere. But what about the other side, where the trade goes through?

Against-Veto: Baseball has, and always will be, policed by it’s own participants. These are grown men and women who have had successful careers in other industries and know, whether you want to admit it or not, the risk that they take on with every move. The reasons this trade should be allowed to happen are simple: The GMs knew what they were getting themselves into and there was a strategy – that’s right fans you aren’t privy to every detail that happens during these trades – to their decisions. Also, for the two teams to agree on a trade of this magnitude money had to have shifted. You know what that means? That yes right now you are extremely pissed, and rightfully so, Marlins fans BUT now they have a ton of money freed up to go after bigger players. (yes, I know that doesn’t seem likely but let’s go with “pie in the sky here”) This means that their failed inaugural season charade has gone bye-bye and they can pretty much hit the reset button and start all over.

The bottom line is in this trade the Blue Jays got a steal, there is no doubt about it. BUT you can’t blame the Marlins for trying to put a bunch of superstars together to think that the opening of Marlins Park would help inspire them to drop their egos and play like a team, they didn’t. Wiping your hands clean of a horrible business decision may be tough but wouldn’t it be funny if the Marlins made the playoffs next season? They won’t.

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