Where Are You Now…Ian Snell

Ian Snell is one of those guys who could take the mount and absolutely destroy opposing hitters. He could make batters look like fools and have them scratching their head because they were told he was such a horrible pitcher. Of course after the first 3 innings they started to realize that what they were told is true, he wasn’t really that good. A permanent fixture on the waiver wire and good for a pick up start when you were in a bind, talking fantasy baseball here, Ian never really became the dominate picture most people thought he would become. Sure he was the product of playing on an absolutely abysmal Pirates team for 5 1/2 season but that doesn’t forgive his 4.80 career ERA. Not much has been heard of Ian since getting signed to a AAA contract by the Dodger, especially since he posted a 11.05 ERA in five starts, that’s right people 11.05 in TRIPLE A! Ian, thanks for confusing everyone and, probably, being a fan favorite in Seattle because they wouldn’t know a good player if it hit them in the face like a fish in that famous fish market place.

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