Wrestling Is Fake

You already knew that but in the back of your mind you’re still kind of like, “well there was never any proof Santa DIDN’T exist so maybe Wrestling is still a legitimate sport without predetermined outcomes and a director who says cut at the end of a backstage brawl.” Sorry “backstage brawl” as right at the end of the fight between two Wrestlers some guy, my friend says it’s an adult version of this guy, says “cut!” That’s “cut!” as in “alright we got the shot” as in “holy shit did I just actually say that on LIVE TV?” as in “now everyone has proof this is a scripted show and every time we have a conflict backstage we can’t actually sell it through as two guys wearing tight clothes having a real conflict in the only acceptable setting outside of a male-only dance hall.” (that’s P.C. right?) The 8-year old version of myself is crying inside because now I have to live with the fact that all of this was fake:

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