Where Are You Now…Robbie Knievel

The Ultimate American’s American Man

Outside of his father, Evel, is there any other man who embodies exactly what Americans love more than Robbie? Making money off death defying leaps of faith that could lead to gruesome mortality or years of rehabilitation from multiple bones being shattered due to a tire hitting a ramp centimeters from the intended target. A true patriot! And we have to be honest we cheer when he lands but we all die a little inside when he makes safe passage and raises his hands in excitement. “If only he at least skidded to a halt and burnt some skin off himself! I would’ve been the talk of the water cooler!”. From a time where you couldn’t turn on Fox, the leader of quality ‘merican entertainment, and not see him making a ridiculous jump over the Eiffel Tower or something, to him being out of the spotlight making his latest jump in Coachella, California we miss not seeing that flying bandanna floating in the air like an American flag flowing in the wind and showing us all that freedom is free. It’s not about the stunts or millions of dollars or hot middle-aged women wearing age inappropriate clothing grabbing for your attention. It’s about souring into the sun as free as a bird and landing 2 seconds later in the only sports act known to man where failure leads to everyone joining in unison and collectively being pissed off that you survived. Robbie, we want you to slip into that undersized suit of yours and let your chest hair fly in a true statement that we are free to do whatever the hell we damn well please.

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