Tim Tebow Trademarks Tebowi—err Well Something

Blacked out for Copyrighting/Trademark issues.

I can’t write (or show myself doing) what Tim Tebow trademarked because I don’t feel like coughing up the money that this site generates, which is zero dollars a week.

Tim Tebow copyrighted Tebowin— there I go I almost said it again.

Think “Tebrowing”, like if a bro was Tebowin—dammit!

The only way I can describe it is: getting on one knee with your head bowed and rested upon your hand which is propped up by your elbow resting on your knee…can also be described as looking corny, or looking like a jackass.

The baby is doing 3-6 months in jail for repeated violations.

Thanks a lot Tim, now how am I supposed to celebrate when I score a TD in my backyard?


About B Roe

Tall, charming, handsome sports fanatic.
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