The Many Emotions of Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler has been catching a lot of slack lately for his blase attitude, so much so that there are memes dedicated to just how much he doesn’t care about anything. I’m here to set the record straight and to show that Jay Cuter is more than a bad Quarterback and that he has a shining future in acting shortly after his career ends.

The “you said cheese to close to when you took the picture”








The “there was some ketchup on the side of my mouth while kinda looking like Gerard Butler”

The “they told me to smile if I don’t understand the question”


The “I have no idea what they are looking at but they don’t need to know that”

The “They always give Lindsay Lohan a break so I should look like I’m on heroin too”

The “is that a mouse or a rat? Probably a rat. Nope, it’s a raccoon”

The “did they have that deal on the twenty piece nuggets I told you about?”

The “I saw this look on Million Dollar Listings so I’m going to try it out because I kinda look like that skinny guy on that show”

The “See! I told you I totes look like him”


The “you gunna finish that last little bit of Reese’s Pie?”

The “holy shit I really wish that guy gave me the last little bit of his Reese’s pie”

The “I fell in love with you the first time I watched ‘The Hills’, Laure…I mean Kristin”



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