Where Are You Now…Vernon Gholston

Probably the most physical activity he did in a Jets uniform

Vernon Gholston will always have a special place in my heart. Not because he made the NFL team I loathe waste a ton of money on him only to be disappointed immediately because he was heard saying he wasn’t sure if he wanted to play football anymore, that was just a bonus. He played for The Ohio State University, my favorite NCAA Football Team, and was one of the greatest DE’s in the history of the school. When the Jets drafted him I was crushed because that meant I couldn’t cheer for him anymore, that was until I saw that he would be a perennial pro-bowler if only they added the best player to sit on the bench spot. Vernon had promise to be a great hybrid back, too small to play DE in the pros but too big to play LB, and could be the next Brian Urlacher. His work ethic was questioned immediately and it landed him on the bench where he had plenty of time to count all the money he made when he was drafted. Today Vernon is not in the NFL and is a free agent. Vernon, you have shown us all that college really does pay off and that we all can just not give a fuck about anything and still get paid big chunks of money…yeah, right.

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