Sidney Crosby Ain’t Sorry

his face makes my hands make fists uncontrollably

You would think that a guy who is the face of the NHL would be a little more careful with his words. In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mr. Crosby stated that he wasn’t sorry for [possibly] breaking Claude Giroux’s wrists during a face-off while playing in the heated, and often violent, opening round playoff series between the Flyers and Penguins last year.

Excerpt from

“I don’t try to go after his wrists, but if I caught it, I’m not sorry for it,” Crosby said. “I really like to win the face-off. I think it’s hilarious that I hear that stuff from Philly. It’s comedy to me, to be honest with you. They’re probably involved in that stuff more than any team in the league and they’re the ones always talking about it.

“I guess I’m not apologetic. I was trying to win a face-off and if I caught his wrist, then I caught his wrist. He seemed to play okay so I couldn’t have hurt him that bad.”

Sure, he’s a tough guy. You know the type of guy who picks fights with people then whimpers in the corner until his big brother comes out to fight his battles, then starts to kick you on the ground after someone took care of the dirty work. I really don’t understand this guy at all.

Oh, one more thing. The guy’s career was nearly ended because of concussions. You know when your brain gets hit around too many times, that’s not good for you. So it’s smart to keep talking about how much you don’t care if you hurt someone and then saying it’s laughable that people get angry at that. Something I don’t understand is that this guy is probably one good shot to the head from not only getting his career ended prematurely but he could possibly die on the ice.

Hockey is a tough sport, I get it. You have to be thick skinned and unapologetic, but it’s also a sport that simply hires enforcers to specifically target guys of Crosby’s caliber to make sure they have less of an impact on the game. If a guy has a clear shot at your on the boards and your head happens to be down, they don’t give a FUCK if they end your career, that’s what they’re there for.

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2 Responses to Sidney Crosby Ain’t Sorry

  1. pissed off pops says:

    I guess we will have to wait through a non season to see the payback or will they forget about it from being knocked around so much.

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