Nolan Ryan’s Kind of a Dick

Not a surprise

ESPN has posted an article in which they highlight an interview Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan had with a local radio station where he questioned the timing of Josh Hamilton’s decision to quit using tobacco products in the middle of the MLB season.

“You would’ve liked to have thought that if he was going to do that, that he would’ve done it in the offseason or waited until this offseason to do it,” Ryan said. He continued to discuss how the decision to quit affected his performance during the latter half of season.

Just so we are all clear on this. Nolan Ryan, probably one of the fiercest competitors the game of baseball has ever witnessed (see above), has clearly gone off his rocker. I understand his point. Weening yourself off tobacco is extremely difficult and can affect the way you act, feel and perform. There is no doubt that Josh Hamilton’s decision to quit using tobacco had an affect on him and his performance after August. But here’s the problem…

Nolan, the guy used to be a CRACK HEAD!

Josh Hamilton is haunted by more ghosts and demons than Rosie O’Donnell’s bed, that poor, poor mattress. So what Nolan is saying basically boils down to this, “who cares if he relapses it’s all about BASEBALL!” That’s the spirit, old chap. Do what it takes to win for the team! Stop being so selfish with your petty grievances, Josh! Oh, you feel that it’s consuming you and you NEED it and that you may fall into a dark pit of despair causing you to relapse and lose your family again? SUCK IT UP! Quitting is what the offseason is for, Nolan needs his money!

Josh, stop being so goddamn selfish will you? Next time you need a hit of crack or need to go out to a bar, get slammed and take body shots off some ladies don’t hesitate.  You’ve proven that you can overpower your addictions in the past so why can’t you just do it again when it’s not on Nolan’s time?

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