Where Are You Now…Manon Rhéaume

I would say in NHL hotness her closest competitor is Tyler Seguin

For those of you who don’t give a shit about Hockey, which is probably the majority, even you may remember Manon Rhéaume. Her stay in the NHL was short lived but she still is the first and only Female to ever play in an NHL Exhibition game. Despite the publicity stunt that was, and still is, the Tamba Bay Lightning, Rhéaume had a very successful career in her own right. But, of course, as Americans we really don’t care what you did outside of our major sports…you hear that, ICHIRO! To us she will also be just another Female trying to break into a male dominate sport that was exploited to sell more tickets for a new franchise. That and a super sexy set of legs. Manon Rhéaume, sorry we don’t give a fuck about your storied history and multiple accomplishments during your career but we are American and therefore all we wanted to see was you in a skimpy outfit taking shots to the face, errrr while minding the net.

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