Favorites from Sports Conspiracy Thread on Reddit

I came across this thread and thought a lot of these people are pretty insane, but then I got to thinking as I read through and it verified that yes, in fact, these people are insane.

Childhood dream or was mastermind David Stern behind this?

In no particular order:
Conspiracy: Michael Jordan’s ‘Retirement’ was actually a suspension from the NBA.
Why: In an attempt to avoid putting the leagues biggest star in a bad light the NBA came up with a plan to have Michael retire from basketball instead of suspending him due to his gambling problems. Air Jordan playing baseball was a way to keep him in the spotlight while he served his suspension.

Conspiracy: Larry Johnson (UNLV) threw the 1991 semi final game against duke.
 Las Vegas sports books could not take bets on UNLV therefore it would be more profitable if UNLV lost the semi-final game. The belief is that Larry Johnson was paid off in order to throw the game, it’s not obvious that he did but signs point to the fact that instead of taking a shot in the closing seconds to win or tie he passes to a much less prolific shooter who, of course, missed the shot leading to Duke’s win.

Conspiracy: 1985 NBA Draft was rigged so the Knicks could draft Patrick Ewing.
Why: The Knicks wanted Ewing and because of the lottery system they weren’t guaranteed to get him therefore Stern rigged the selection in order to give the Knicks the first pick in the draft. The methods vary but apparently an envelope was frozen (or damaged) so Stern could feel the difference and make sure the Knicks were the envelope he picked. Now they use balls and a machine to limit the interference, well actually to just limit speculation that a draft could be rigged again.

Conspiracy: Penn State scandal is bigger than Penn State.
Why: Jerry Sandusky took the fall in what was soon to be exposed as a ring of wealthy pedophiles who were given access to children through charities. According to a member who commented, “I think this has been confirmed as true- or at least to my understanding. There was an interview with one of the victims on 60 minutes or something, can’t remember exactly what I was watching. He was talking about Sandusky’s charity and basically detailed what you said. He made it seem as if they were in some sort of sex ring for wealthy pedophiles.”

There are a lot more, it’s a fun post to read and follow, here is the link again. If you have any to add have your go at it.

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