Where Are You Now…Vincent Larusso

Well I missed “Where Are You Now Wednesday” yesterday so today’s Thursday version I thought I would change it up a little bit.

He’d be perfect casted as Kato Kaelin

Vincent Larusso played one hell of a bad ass in the Mighty Ducks movies before he became a pussy. Adam Banks had it all, the skills of Gordon Bombay, the wisdom of Hans and the luck of a kid who was destined for stardom until he got put on a team full of idiots who didn’t know how to play hockey. Once he fell in line and realized his dreams had died, especially after that wrist injury, he became a team player and helped the Ducks avenge each and every one of their losses. FUCK YOU ICELAND! These days Vincent is probably sitting in his apartment in Hollywood reading scripts for some indie film that will only pay him in food, which he needs because he hasn’t done anything to speak of since the MD trilogy, sorry I forgot his role as Buddy #2 in Dollhouse. I do have to say, upon doing some research, Vincent has some pretty sick skills to throw on the ole resume, including playing Bass. Vincent you gave us all hope as children that even the most gifted athletes could slum it with horrible teams in some sort of life lesson that was never fully developed or explained in the Mighty Ducks movies and showed us, even further, that child actors should never bank on a future in acting and probably should learn how to pronounce those hard drink names in Starbucks, “it’s Venti, not Large!”.

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