Lolo Jones Challenges Eric LeGrand to a Race and Loses (all her fans)

Lolo Jones, you’re sexy, fast and get criticized for everything that you do, including being sexy and fast. Therefore it’s not a big surprise that after a, so called, innocent tweet to Eric LeGrand she is in hot water once again. I skimmed her Twitter account and, of course, the tweet has been deleted but a lot of the backlash is still there, check it here. According to Huntington Post, her response to Eric’s tweet challenging her to a race was…

“Get checked for a concussion. clearly u’ve been hit in the head … cos u arent beating a track athlete.”

If you’re not familiar with Eric LeGrand’s story, he is a paralyzed football player who was injured while playing for Rutgers and is now wheelchair bound. Lolo probably didn’t know who Mr. LeGrand was, not everyone does, but it just goes to show us no one really likes Lolo Jones and I think the Cubs will win a World Series before anyone ever will.

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