NFL Game of the Week: Week 4

My younger brother is in high school, which means he thinks he knows everything, so I’ve given him the chance to prove it.


PANTHERS @ FALCONS—Panthers still look like crap. ATL 34 CAR 17

PATRIOTS @ BILLS—Bills will win one of the two against the Pats and they’re at home. BUF 27 NE 24

VIKINGS @ LIONS—Lions have the worst D in the NFL. MIN 31 DET 27

TITANS @ TEXANS—Chris Johnson keeps his hot streak going. Oh wait, he’s overpaid and terrible this year. HOU 30 TEN 13

CHARGERS @ CHIEFS—Two very confusing teams play in one confusing game. SD 22 KC 18

49ERS @ JETS—Last week was a fluke for the 49ers and the Jets got lucky. SF 24 NYJ 9

SEAHAWKS @ RAMS—Seahawks D looked like me playing madden against the Pack. SEA 24 STL 7

DOLPHINS @ CARDINALS—Dan Carpenter misses 12 field goals and 2 PAT’s. ARZ 23 MIA 13

RAIDERS @ BRONCOS—Peyton Manning throw TD pass to lineman. DEN 36 OAK 20

BENGALS @ JAGUARS—Andy Dalton gets me some much needed fantasy points. CIN 31 JAC 14

REDSKINS @ BUCCANEERS—One of those games I just don’t seem to care about. WAS 26 TB 17

GIANTS @ EAGLES—Michael Vick and Nick Foles get hurt leaving Trent Edwards to lead a 98 yard drive in one minute only to fumble away a win. NYG 26 PHI 20

BEARS @ COWBOYS—The battle of the hated QB’s. I take Romo. DAL 21 CHI 17


The Packers, as we all know, should be 2-1. However, this is not the case. The Pack are a mediocre 1-2 while the Saints are a stellar 0-3. If the Saints lose yet another game with their horrible defense, it could be the final straw for the franchise. They are obviously on the decline as Drew Brees has slightly struggled this year but it has really been their defense. If there was ever going to be a shootout, this is it. Brees vs. Rodgers has always been a must see game and the fact that it’s in Green Bay makes it that much better. This game could easily turn into a blowout by the Packers but I think it’ll be closer than most people expect as both teams desperately need a W.
GB 40 NO 31


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2 Responses to NFL Game of the Week: Week 4

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Dang…with the way the Bills have looked, that would be a big upset.

    • B Roe says:

      The only way the Bills win is if they hit Tom Brady. Their defense has looked a helluva lot better the past couple of weeks since that Jets debacle. It should be a fun one to watch. And anytime the Pats lose it’s an upset i guess.. right?

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