AD/HD Post!!!

It’s been a while….that’s because I’m like the NFL refs…holding out for a Sportacalypse pension plan. Now I can stop letting these replacement bloggers, especially that hack B-Roe ruin all the good stories….That being said, I’m going to bring a superblog today that’s right…4 topics 1 post.

1.NFL Replacement Refs back in action

Well its official, as soon as the replacement refs decided the outcome of the game, Roger Goodfornothing had to actually bite the bullet and work on an agreement. Now he can get back to what he thinks is his other job function…ridding the game of fun and hard hits. (man I miss the Jacked Up! segment on Monday NFL Countdown)

The biggest thing to realize as we head into week 4 is that these returning refs are bound to make mistakes and bad calls as well. It happens to the best of them even including Big Ed Hochuli and Mike Carey (who are considered the best there are by players and coaches alike)the difference will be that the regular refs make those calls with no hesitation.

That being said I think one of the greatest outcomes of the regular refs returning will be the general control of the game. These NFL players have been running wild the first 3 weeks. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many post-play scrums that have gone without penalties.

2.NHL Lockout

Does Gary Bettman learn nothing??? Before the 2004 Lockout the NHL had games on ESPN had high ratings…and then they cancel the season. Everything got pushed on to once a week on NBC, local channels and the new Versus channel if you have it. Now Hockey is starting to come back again. Now most Americans were able to watch any of the playoff games as they were on a trio of NBC owned channels. Now, this could be the worst time to have this lockout go on. The last 3 Stanley Cup Champions are from major media markets (Chicago, Boston and LA) Not to mention the success in other major markets like Washington, Detroit, Philly and of course New York City.  So now as you have excitement specifically in the 2 biggest American media markets LA and NYC, not to mention success and attendance in areas that have no business having hockey teams (Florida, Phoenix and Southern California). If the NHL has to cancel this season, I’m not sure if it will ever be able to recover here in the states.

3.ND QB Controversy

Brian Kelly can say what he wants…he has a full on quarterback controversy. Twice this season he has pulled his inexperienced starter Everett Golson for the backup Tommy Rees, the former starter. I have to admit, for the last two years I haven’t been the biggest Tommy Rees fan in Irish nation. The QB who looks like a 14 year old has disappointed me time and time again. However, the ND offense looks different on the field with Golson at the helm. With him in the lead I expected a spread offense moving the ball up the field as fast as possible, using his speed an athleticism to spread out and tire defenses. But all we have seen is a shell offense with Kelly afraid to call passes further than 10 yards downfield.  We have 2 options. 1. Open up the offense under Golson, let the redshirt freshmen make his mistakes and move on. 2. Bring in Tommy Rees and run the full offense.

4.Joe Girardi and his damned binder

I know this is a few days later but ENOUGH WITH THE BINDER!!!!! ENOUGH WITH WORRYING ABOUT LEFTY LEFTY MATCHUPS!!!!!!!! Phil Hughes retired Denard Span three times on weak groundouts. With bases loaded and one out, while Hughes is throwing well, why you would pull Hughes in favor of Boone Logan? First off what the hell is in that binder? Denard Span is hitting .298 against lefties…and .281 against righties. That’s just this year. For the past three years Span is hitting .292 against southpaws and .278 against right handers. I don’t need his damned binder all I need is ESPN. What is Joe’s retort….well he doesn’t have a hit against Logan….because he is 0-4…we’re not talking about a huge sample size. If he’s 0-24 then you may have a case but not at 0-4.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Remember extras in Anaheim…pulling a rhp for another rhp to face JEFF MATHIS. Or pulling Hughes in the ALDS last year to save him for god knows what.

As much as I love the Yankees, a September collapse could bring an end to the binder.

Well that’s it…4 topics, 1 post hope you enjoyed my ADHD blog post


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