Where Are You Now…Mo Vaughn

and stepping up to the plate, batting 1.000 against any food in his path…

There’s not much to say about Mo Vaughn that hasn’t been said already. In his early playing years he was a perennial all-star who would hit monstrous home run with such ease it was a shock that he was implicated in the Mitchell Report. After leaving the Boston Red Sox Mo had some success with the Angels until his complete collapse into obscurity when all of his skills disappeared completely when joining the Mets. His post-Boston career was plagued by injuries and oft-criticism by the usually extremely nice and supportive New York media. Despite his large, intimidating appearance Mo had a big heart and is a contributor in low income areas building cost-effective housing for those in need. Despite putting up some astounding numbers in his career, Mo officially will not be a Hall of Famer as he did not meet the required 5% vote needed to stay on the ballot. Mo, your home runs inspired those who now believe hitting home runs can get you a very lucrative pay day while sitting on the Mets bench collecting all the money you probably made into a blanket that you sleep with laughing every night as you sleep on your money filled mattress, for what it’s worth I heard it’s good for the back.

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