NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 3 is upon us….here are my picks this weekend

Chicago over Saint Louis – In week two the Bears showed they had some flaws, maybe many flaws, but they’re not as bad as the team that went into Green Bay last Thursday night. They had 10 days to straighten it out. They beat the Rams.

Buffalo over Cleveland – Both teams looked better in their week two matchup, but I still think head ot head Buffalo is a much better team and they prove it with a road win. 

Dallas over Tampa – The Cowboys finally come home to Jerrys playground. Bother teams were major disappointments in week two. The Bucs had a major meltdown against the Giants and the Cowboys came out flat against the Seahawks. I think Dallas is built to be a playoff caliber team now, and the Bucs are not there yet. They win their home opener. 

Detroit over Tennessee – Will someone block for Chris Johnson this week? Maybe he’s just lost a step, who really knows, regardless the Lions are a better team but they need to prove it by getting this win on the road. They were very sloppy in week one and lost in week two. Their division is too good for them to fall to 1-2 this early in the season. 

Indianapolis over Jacksonville – Other then the fact that Maurice Jones-Drew can miss a whole training camp and still play like a stud straight from week one, nothing else has impressed me from this Jacksonville team yet. Andrew Luck puts the Colts over .500 for the first time in 2 years.

NY Jets over Miami – With Revis back this game should be as easy as the Giants win over the Panthers was on Thursday night. Revis called this game a must win for the Jets. He’s right, they can’t fall to 1-2 with games against San Francisco and Houston coming up next. They win this game and spend the next 6 days at first place in their division. 

San Francisco over Minnesota – The goal for the 49ers in this game should be to just stay healthy. Winning this one should be easy.

New Orleans over Kansas City – Both teams are 0-2 and have looked at times awful this season. If the Saints lose to the Chiefs at home then the NFL should send Sean Payton the Coach of the Year award immediately because with him at the helm this Saints team would never lose at home to both the Redskins and Chiefs.

Washington over Cincinnati – One of the most intriguing matchups of the week. I think the crowd help carry RGIII in his home opener, but a close game nonetheless. 

Philadelphia over Arizona – If the Cardinals win this game I may actually start believing in them. I just think the Eagles have too much talent to lose this game. Despite all the mistakes in the first two weeks, Michael Vick has carried this team to game winning drives. that needs to stop, they need to start winning much more convincingly. 

San Diego over Atlanta – If this game is in Atlanta I go the other way, but I still don’t trust the Falcons on the west coast, outdoors. Also Ryan Matthews returns for the Chargers this week so that will help them even more. 

Houston over Denver – May we see this matchup again in the playoffs? Another very intriguing matchup, but I think right now Houston is the better team. It might be hard to go against Peyton Manning in another month or so. 

Pittsburgh over Oakland – Who is going to stop Ben Roe on the Raiders defense? The man is a playmaker. This game will be closer then it should be, but Big Ben continues to find a way. 

Baltimore over New England – It’s funny to think that one of these AFC powerhouses will fall to 1-2 after this game. Location doesn’t matter, it will be a dogfight, but I think the Ravens are a much better and well rounded team. It’s the perfect game to end the weekend. 

Green Bay over Seattle – The Seahawks have a great defense, but Aaron Rogers is just that good. Another game that I expect to be close and better then most people will expect. Regardless, the Seahawks haven’t proven enough to me yet to take them over the Packers. 

Now lets see if I know what I’m talking about


Written by:

Brian C. Smith


About briansmithsports

I'm a sports and movie fanatic. My opinions may not always be right, but at least I have strong facts to back them up. Seems only right that I share them with everyone else!
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