Jets @ Dolphins-

Matt- ahemJETS SUCK….Bush will show us that last week wasn’t a fluke. Once the Dolphins get a lead on Sanchize…he implodes and gives the game away. Miami 24 – New York 10

Rob– Interesting game if you’re following the bottom of the AFC East. Tannenhill is proving that he may in fact be a fixture for years to come in Miami and Bush is excelling in the role that New Orleans should have put him in years ago. Jets are falling apart with more locker room controversy. Rex is a liar and will let the media dictate using the wild cat for this game, Miami still wins in a close one.

Brenden- Ugh. Jets win 17-13. Gross.

Rams @ Bears-

Matt-Cutler gets his swagger back against an overmatched Rams squad. Chicago 35-St. Louis 14

Rob-I’ve always liked Bradford and not so much Cutler. Rams are going to be a scrappy team this year and just need closing ability. Bears don’t have Forte which will force Cutler to throw which is a good thing. Low scoring affair with the bears winning by 6.

Brenden-Jay Culter whines his way to a Bears’ win 24-10.

Bills @ Browns-

Matt-We are still reminded that Brandon Weeden may be 28…but hes still a rookie. The Browns will slow down Spiller a bit, but Fitzpatrick will lead the Bills to victory. Buffalo 20-Cleveland 9

Rob-Trent Richardson is a beast so far this year but now has to deal with a decent Bills defensive line. Cleveland is an interesting story all around and the Bills are playing well. Spiller will be somewhat contained, still over 100 yards, as the Bills, at 1-1, prove they may be near the top of the division come playoff time.

Brenden-The Bills stop the run, and so do the Browns, but Ryan Fitzpatrick has one of those “Franchise QB” games where he throws for 300 yards and 3 TD’s. No not really. This matchup usually produces some of the worst football you will ever see. Bills win the Battle of Lake Erie 12-8.

Bucs @ Cowboys-

Matt-Bucs take a knee to end the half, the Cowboys rush and tear up Josh Freeman’s knee. Cowboys take control in the second half and win. Dallas 34- Tampa Bay 17

Rob-This could be a good game and people are going to expect controversy and they won’t get it. Replacement refs will be watching the Bucs closely after last weeks craziness at the end of the Giants game. Dallas will be running on all cylinders and score a ton of points via the passing game and win. Legarrette Blount, despite being backup to Doug Martin, will have a good game and possibly recover the #1 RB spot.

Brenden- I hate picking the Cowboys, because, well, they’re the Cowboys. Bucs give up 500 more passing yards and lose to the Cowboys 35-17.

Lions @ Titans-

Matt-Calvin Johnson goes makes up for breaking his vow of 100 receiving yards a game by putting up over 200. Detroit 42- Tennessee 17

Rob-Tennessee is poised for another lackluster week as Jake Locker tries to figure out his game in the NFL. The Lions have something to prove and will get the chance to air out all their grievances on a sub-par defense. Titan fans go look for something to do during the game, I hear Nashville has some good places to see musical acts. I think it’s clear who wins, anyone who likes to see Megatron own teams.

Brenden- Detroit explodes for 40+ points and Suh eats Jake Locker. Lions in a rout 42-16.

Jaguars @ Colts-

Matt-Andrew luck will get his first official win streak as the Jaguars are just plain bad. Indianapolis 24- Jacksonville 14

Rob-This is the type of game I dream for, literally it will probably put me to sleep. Both teams really have nothing to offer and it’s kind of a coin toss on who wins. I’ll give Indy the edge because Jacksonville is horrible.

Brenden- Jacksonville Pulls out the upset 20-17 behind some great D and MJD.

49ers@ Vikings-

Matt-Randy Moss finds the end zone in his return to the Metrodome as an opposing player. The Niners D is too strong for Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson’s recovering knee. San Francisco 20 – Minnesota 17

Rob-The 49ers are looking like the team to beat this year. Alex Smith can take more chances with his defense being so great and will use that to his advantage. Remember two years ago when everyone hated him, looks like fortunes can change pretty quickly. Niners win mostly because of their defense but Smith goes off with 2 tds.

Brenden-I will not pick against the 49ers at all this regular season. They continue to roll and Christian Ponder does not make it through this game in one piece. 30-6 49ers

Chiefs @ Saints-

Matt-Drew Brees gets off the schnide and throws for about 400….Chiefs still have Matt Cassel as a starter and are therefore incapable of winning…New Orleans 38- Kansas City 21

Rob-Drew Brees will be happy to be back in NOLA this week against a team they should destroy. The offense will click and explode, Kansas City makes it interesting in the first half and then they will realize they are still the Chiefs and fall apart. By the way, did Brees get his birthmark removed?

Brenden- The Chiefs suck so bad their own groundskeeper hates them. Saints light em up in a shootout 40-30.

Bengals @ Redskins-

Matt-RGIII finally faces a good defense….and it shows. Cincinnati 28- Washington 10

Rob-RG III’s impressive start in the NFL has been much talked about, as it should be. He will get the win this week against a team that has some woes, but he will make a few mistakes and his kicker will bail him out with a last minute field goal.

Brenden- Cincy wins, and although he’s a ginger and doesn’t have a soul, Andy Dalton gets the W. Green-Ellis with 2 TD’s ans Bengals win 23-14.

Eagles @ Cardinals-

Matt-Mike Vick’s mistakes finally catch up with the Eagles and the underrated Cardinals move to 3-0. Arizona 21 – Philadelphia 20

Rob-Philadelphia is playing like a bunch of All-Stars in the NBA. Everyone is trying to prove how great they are and not working like a team, but still finding a way to win. Think of the Miami Heat in 2010-2011 season. The Cardinals win this game, somehow, and that starts the Eagles on a streak that takes them to a 13-3 season and the Super Bowl, mark my words.

Brenden-The revenge of Kolb. Mike Vick can BEAT AND MURDER INNOCENT DOGS, but he can’t defeat the birds. 24-20 Cardinals on a Patrick Peterson punt return TD.

Falcons @ Chargers

Matt-Matty Ice continues what will be a MVP season. The Chargers lack of a running game allows John Abraham to tee off and make things look like its 2001. Atlanta 28- San Diego 13

Rob-I won’t let my personal distaste of the Chargers influence my pick here. Falcons win in a blow out because the Chargers are supposed to lose the next 4 games so people question them and then they go on a winning streak into the playoffs, then lose again.

Brenden-The Chargers surprise everyone and win 30-27 an upset. Don’t expect great things the rest of the year; Norv Turner is still their coach.

Texans @ Broncos-

Matt-The Texans will continue to be the best team nobody talks about. Matt Schaub, the best QB nobody talks about will beat Peyton Manning, the aging QB nobody will shut up about. Houston 31- Denver 20

Rob- Schoster (Schaub and Foster…sorry it sounded good, maybe it will catch on) is going to have another high powered game and will dizzy the Denver defense. Denver is an interesting case study on whether or not to take aging quarterbacks who had life altering surgery and put their franchise in his hands. I still think Peyton will have a great year and he will bounce back this week. Houston is too good though and explodes in the 4th quarter to win by a good margin.

Brenden-Houston will not win in Denver. This may be the game that the Texans have once a year where they sustain a couple big injuries and then it becomes “what could have been”. Broncos 17-14 in OT.

Steelers @ Raiders-

Matt-Raiders continue to prove that they are the worst team in the league. Run DMC cant do anything against a Steelers defense.  Pittsburgh 31 – Oakland 10

Rob- Here’s a game that I really don’t care about. This game will be a snooze-fest from start to finish. There is just something about Pittsburgh that puts me to sleep, maybe I accidentally smelled on of big Ben’s chloroform napkins once and get relapses every time I see him play. Oakland is, well, just a punchline at this point.

Brenden- There are not hot chicks in Oakland’s stands for Big Ben to creep on, and if there are, they’re dressed like pirates and safely hidden from him. Pittsburgh 30-17.

Patriots @ Ravens-

Matt-This is the match-up of the week. In the end the Ravens experienced defense is able to slow down Brady and Co. enough to let Joe Flacco gain and keep a lead. Baltimore 24- New England 21

Rob- Game of the week by far. High scoring offense against tough defense and should be an interesting affair. The Patriots always have trouble containing Ray Rice but their new and improved line and their line backing core may be the answer to that. The Pats rarely have two games where they play as miserably as they did against the Cardinals. The Pats win a game that is close to the wire and Joe Flacco has the game of his career and may break the 350 mark.

Brenden- Tom Brady wears Uggs. He’s also on pace to be sacked more times this year than he has in a while(I don’t feel like looking up when-just Google it). That continues. Ravens 27-26

Packers @ Seahawks-

Matt- Seahawks take on a second team in a row that are coming off of a big division win with a few extra days rest. Unlike Dallas, Aaron Rodgers won’t allow his team to be upset. Green Bay 34- Seattle 17

Rob- Let’s be honest for a second, no one expected the Seahawks to be as formidable as they are this year. Russell Wilson WILL take advantage of the mediocre Packer secondary, Aaron Rodgers will struggle early against a very underrated defense. Packers win in a game that is more exciting than most expect and Russell Wilson shows RG III he’s not the only QB who can take Tebowing to the next level.

Brenden- A-Rodg is due for a big week and he gets it. Russell Wilson gets hit so hard he become lactose intolerant and Pack win 24-12.


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