Cano Banned? Jeter Leaving the Yankees?

Rumors run wild all the time and some stick for some reason, usually because it involves a big name player who every hates because they are so good. It happens all the time in tabloids, fan blogs, lawsuits, etc. When you’re a public figure, in any scope of life, people want to bring you down and in the words of the almighty Alfred Pennyworth, “some people just want to watch the world burn.” Which brings me to these two stories:

Cano tested positive for PEDs


The rumor mill almost fell off it’s tracks spinning this one so hard it’s inconceivable how anyone would run with this without proper verification. The same thing happened with Pujols in the Mitchell report just to give scope. It was reported that Cano was going to be suspended by the MLB for testing positive for PEDs which Scott Boras(s), his agent, Cano and a MLB official denied having any truth. Cano and Melky Cabrera, who was suspended 50-game earlier this season for testing positive, had a strong friendship when Melky was still playing with the Yankees so given the circumstances I can see question marks coming and going. Sure it’s hard to accept that players are just good, especially with superstars like A-Rod and Braun (who won his appeal) testing positive, but please stop trying to sensationalize a story that has no backing to it. The Mitchell Report didn’t hurt Pujols so let’s hope these rumors about Cano stop now, he doesn’t need his reputation being dirtied by a reporter trying to get his big break.

Jeter a Yankee Forever?

That sentence used to never have a question mark at the end of it but these days you never really know. “[Baseball] is a business, people forget that”, Jeter said in an interview with Rick Reilly of ESPN when asked if he could see himself leaving the Yankees. “Well if I wanted to keep playing, yes” was his official answer to that question and Jeter is right. The Yankees, as of late, have showed that they don’t mind letting players leave even after spending many years in pinstripes, the best example of that is Bernie Williams. Jeter is a BASEBALL player and probably one of the smartest in the game, he knows what is involved in the game and knows that the Yankees have to make room for improvements when the time comes. My bet is Jeter will bow out gracefully, the Yankees will make too much money if he gets 4,000 hit and/or breaks Pete Rose’s record so they aren’t going to let him walk away any time soon.

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