NFL Week Three: Game of the Week

My younger brother is in high school, which means he thinks he knows everything, so I’ve given him the chance to prove it.

Giants @ Panthers—Panthers 28 Giants 20
Rams @ Bears—Bears 23 Rams 17
Bills @ Browns—Bills 24 Browns 14
Bucs @ Cowboys—Cowboys 31 Bucs 24
Jags @ Colts—Colts 30 Jags 17
Jets @ Phins—Phins 23 Jets 20
49ers @ Vikings—49ers 35 Vikings 13
Chiefs @ Saints—Saints 37 Chiefs 31
Lions @ Titans—Lions 34 Titans 17
Bengals @ Redskins—Bengals 21 Redskins 20
Eagles @ Cardinals—Eagles 28 Cards 16
Falcons @ Chargers—Falcons 30 Chargers 24
Texans @ Broncos—Broncos 23 Texans 21
Steelers @ Raiders—Steelers 27 Raiders 6
Packers @ Seahawks—Packers 27 Seahawks 10
Game Of The Week:
Patriots @ Ravens

As one of the most anticipated matchups of the year, this game will certainly live up to the hype. The Patriots vs. Ravens has always been a fantastic game the past few years to watch as it has been Tom Brady and the New England offense vs. Ray Lewis and the Baltimore defense. These two players are as opposite as people can get. You got the energetic, pumped up, just pure crazy and out of his mind on the field Ray Lewis that makes me want to hit something whenever I hear him talk, and then you got the soft spoken, Ugg-wearing, pretty boy Tom Brady that just makes everyone jealous. Both of these guys will have a huge impact on the game as usual, but I believe it will come down to the kicking for both sides. The Ravens have the advantage so far even with their young Justin Tucker, who has kicked a couple of 50 yarders already this year. The Patriots’ Stephen Gostkowski is one of the top 5 kickers in the league, however, that missed field goal last week was horrendous. He didn’t even hit the net. C’MON MAN!
Ravens 24 Pats 23


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