Whole Lotta Fighting Goin’ On

It’s never surprising to see two fans for opposite teams fighting with each other to prove how die-hard they really are, but now we are turning on each other? It appears that two fans of the Bills duked it out, the reason is unknown, there is a quick shot of a Red Sox shirt and the guy getting heckled but he doesn’t join in the fisticuffs. Two guys fight, one gets bloodied and one takes a cheap shot, all for the love of sports, this is getting a little ridiculous.

The second video, not surprisingly (and I can say that because New Yorkers have really dumb fights), is from the Oakland Raiders game on opening night. It appears there is an argument over someone trying to sneak in a piss before another person and all hell breaks lose. People circle the two fighting like it’s UFC and the fight is mediocre at best.

It is sad that fights like this happen all the time, usually fueled by alcohol, inflated beer muscles and a heightened sense of stupidity. The people that really lose out on this are those who just want to go to the game to have a good time and end up having to defend themselves because some wanna-be macho man thinks insulting them makes him a bigger fan than anyone else. By the way Bills fan, Lynch doesn’t play for your team any more, time for a new jersey.

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3 Responses to Whole Lotta Fighting Goin’ On

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    There’s idiots, and then there’s sportsfans :).

  2. pissed off pops says:

    its called alcohol

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