Where Are You Now…JaMarcus Russell

“I wonder if I can get a hot dog like that time Mark Sanchez did…”

JaMarcus Russell will go down as the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL with the name JaMarcus Russell and that’s pretty much the only impact he had on the league and Oakland in general. JaMarcus is the perfect example of how an impact player in college may not translate to the faster paced, much more talented NFL. Yes he was impressive at LSU where his strong arm and ability to throw on the run made him a threat to score every play but that game, rarely, carries over to success in the big league. Often thought of as the biggest bust in NFL history Russell did get his pay day, a $61 million dollar contract of which $32 million was guaranteed. For you mathematics out there that’s $7,837.37 for each of his 4,083 passing yards he amassed over his, I’ll be generous, 3 year career. Mr. Russell has stayed off the radar, for the most part, after he was released by the Raiders in 2010 trying out for a few teams here and there but never getting signed. JaMarcus showed  up in July of 2010 when he was arrested on possession of Codine syrup, he was acquitted of those charges that October. JaMarcus, wherever you are, you’re still an NFL star to me even if that means playing Madden ’12 and having to create you myself, by the way you look great in Seahawk Green.

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One Response to Where Are You Now…JaMarcus Russell

  1. Joe says:

    He’s also the perfect reason why Al Davis shouldn’t have been involved in drafting players. He was still obsessed with 1) QBs with amazing arms (and didn’t look for anything else) and 2) Really fast wide receivers. Just because Russell could throw a football 70 yards from his knees shouldn’t have qualified him for a #1 pick. What makes this worse is that he was a bit of a reach at #1. Calvin Johnson was the best player in that draft, followed by Joe Thomas. Interesting to see how the Raiders’ fortunes would have been different with those two choices instead.

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