The White Mamba Mixtape

Most sports fans grew up dreaming they would be the star of their favorite sports team. Signing autographs, taking pictures, having multiple divorces, hitting the game winning home run or bucket or making that 10-pin, sorry I’m a bowler. Rarely, until we are 25 and say, “holy shit they make how much?”, do we want to be a bench player or a backup sitting in the shadow of superstars, leaving puddles of water around for them to slip on or texting their girlfriends inappropriate pictures in hopes they get entangled in something so they can’t play and you can get your chance to shine. Brian Scalabrine, outside of Luis Sojo, is probably everyone’s favorite bench warmer, he’s tall, white and nothing you would ever expect from a professional basketball player in the NBA. To commemorate his time in the NBA the league made this mix-tape of highlights for him which probably rivals the one they gave to the security guard at NBA headquarters when he hung up his whistle.

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