Rex Ryan-ing

No one really like Rex Ryan, so let’s fuck around with this picture.

I’ll start it off, please add your own caption in the replies:

– “But you’re Arby’s, how are you out of Roast Beef?”

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5 Responses to Rex Ryan-ing

  1. B Roe says:

    Rex Ryan watching 2 Girls 1 Cup

  2. From Rachel on Facebook:
    “What?! My mom always said it was normal that I was born without a penis!”

  3. pissed off pops says:

    oh no! That wasn’t a fart.

  4. biglove23 says:

    “Bloomberg just limited WHAT in New York!!!

  5. biglove23 says:

    Don’t tell me she stubbed a toe….. THE HORROR!!!!!111

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