NFL Game of the Week: Broncos at Falcons

My younger brother is in high school, which means he thinks he knows everything, so I’ve given him the chance to prove it. -Brenden

Chiefs @ Bills—Bills win 30-23
Saints @ Panthers—Saints win 40-24
Browns @ Bengals—Bengals win 27-13
Vikings @ Colts—Colts win 23-21
Texans @ Jaguars—Texans win 35-13
Cardinals @ Patriots—Pats win 36-21
Bucs @ Giants—Giants win 27-14
Raiders @ Dolphins—Phins win 20-16
Ravens @ Eagles—Ravens win 24-20
Cowboys @ Seahawks—Cowboys win 26-17
Redskins @ Rams—Skins win 31-20
Jets @ Steelers—Steelers win 20-17
Titans @ Chargers—Chargers win 28-21
Lions @ 49ers—49ers win 31-21

Game Of The Week:
Broncos @ Falcons

The Jets @ Steelers is a close second along with the Ravens @ Eagles but I have to go with this one. Matt Ryan has been solid at home over his career as a Falcon and is throwing to arguably the best wide receiver duo in the NFL in White and Jones. However, the Broncos were more than impressive in their win against the Steelers last Sunday night and will be playing in prime time again; this time on Monday Night Football. Peyton always seems to perform well when all eyes on watching. Last week we had to listen to the greatness of Chris Collinsworth, call the game and talk about Peyton Manning for 3 hours, but all three of those hours were just three thoughts. SPIT IT OUT ALREADY CHRISTOPHER!!!

This week Peyton will tear it up again as he goes up against a weak Falcon defense that is the only real question as to whether or not Atlanta can go deep in the playoffs.

Broncos win 26-24 in an amazing game that no one should miss. Manning and Tony Gonzalez will continue to show how veterans get it done in the big moments and the game will come down to the wire.


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