Big Conference Breakdown

So it’s official…Notre Dame is joining a new conference….kind of.   The news broke yesterday that Notre Dame will be switching conferences, from the Big East to the Atlantic Coast Conference in all sports, except for football. The Football team will, however, be required to play five games against ACC foes a year. This should bring about good change for most Notre Dame sports, but specifically Football, Basketball, and Baseball/Softball.

I believe the biggest factor that the change will affect is not Notre Dame’s strength of scheduling for sports, but rather recruiting. In joining the ACC Notre Dame will now have a stronger foothold in some of the largest hotbeds for talent in different respective sports. (I was gonna talk about Lacrosse….but no one outside of Maryland really cares)

  •  Basketball– Notre Dame is already in one of the historic hot beds for basketball talent, the state of Indiana. Now add in the fact that they will be competing against the Tobacco Road teams, another hot bed for b-ball talent.
  • Baseball/Softball– They’ll be playing teams in the South!!!! We all know that there is a huge gap in the talent and skill below the Mason-Dixon Line due to the simple fact that their season is longer. You can play baseball comfortably in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in February, maybe even January. Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania…not a chance
  • Football (the big one)– The football team will now be playing 5 games against the ACC a year, I assume Boston College will be annual, the others will switch between recruiting areas dominated by SEC teams. This means that Notre Dame will have a games and a stronger presence in recruit havens of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia/Washington DC.

Notre Dame this deal, starting in 2014 is huge for Notre Dame football in that they get a guaranteed 5 games against a growing conference, yet still get to keep their traditional rivalries in playing USC, Michigan, Michigan State, Navy and Purdue. I can foresee a schedule with the 5 ACC teams, 5 rivals, bringing back the Holy War between ND and BYU, and still room for 1 more statement game.

P.S.  On a crazier note…I really think it’s time for the Power conferences to change their names. We have an Atlantic COAST Conference with schools in Syracuse NY, South Bend IN and Pittsburgh PA. We have a Big EAST conference with teams in Chicago, Milwaukee, Memphis, Houston,  Dallas (then again the Cowboys are in the east so we really shouldn’t be all that surprised)and SAN DIEGO!!! We also have a Big 10 conference with 12 teams and a Big 12 conference with 10 teams. Im not creative enough to come up with new names for them…but then again I’m sure I could do better than the Legends and Leaders divisions….


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