Where are you Now…Benny Agbayani

it’s tough playing for the Mets

Benny Agbayani, you hit the New York scene like a true Met, gaining adoration for your upbeat and uplifting personality and gathering fan support that could only be trumped by the enthusiastic, and absent minded, Lastings Milledge. The crowds that piled into that death trap Shea Stadium loved you and you responded back in true Mets fashion by playing decent baseball in front of a crowd that cheers for a big dancing baseball as its mascot. Despite being a Yankee fan I did enjoy your on-field charisma and appreciated that you gave up living in Hawaii to move to the complete polar opposite side of the United States and I thank you for that.

Today Benny is somewhat off the radar and is working as a teachers assistant(?) in his native Hawaii and is spending time with his family. His kids apparently don’t want him to work but the goodhearted man that he is feels that giving back to others and guiding them to be successful is something he is passionate about. You can find out more about his whereabouts and what he is doing here. Benny, your name will always bring a smile to the faces of fans every, but especially one special fan who will get to tell the story of how he got the ball you threw into the stands despite there only being 2 outs in the inning when you did it.

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