MLB Schedule, April Fools Joke?

Major League Baseball has always been a proponent for keeping things the same until enough people complain about them, then they change it when no one cares anymore. Just today the MLB released its 2013 schedule which featured, surprisingly, some eye catching changes that will have baseball purists rolling in their graves.

See the schedule here

We will see these changes immediately as the season kicks off on a Monday and will start on April 1st, get the April fools comment now? The most surprising feature is the fact that we will see inter-league (snooze!) play immediately, starting with two teams that should be fun to watch, at least, in the Angels and Reds. Maybe even a World Series rematch? Probably not, more than likely it will be San Francisco against Baltimore for the lowest rated World Series of all time.

Some other interesting changes/happenings:
– Don Mattingly returns the the Bronx for the first time as a manager when the Dodgers take on the Yankees for a series starting on June 18th
– The Astros official move to the AL starts Tuesday, April 2nd against, what will surely be promoted as, their in-state rivals, The Rangers (note: although the Astros are looking at Clemens presently, expect them to try and make a big move for a bat in the off-season)
– With the Astros move there will no longer be more teams in the NL which gives us a full schedule of inter-league play
– The always popular Mets-Yankees “Subway Series” will be shortened to four games from six this year, with the series being split between Citi-Field and Yankee Stadium
– The Tigers and Nationals will set up their rotations so Verlander and Strasburg can face each other in at least one of their two series meeting (May 7-8 in Washington, July 30-31 in Chicago)
– The most interesting series to kick off the season won’t be the Yankees vs Red Sox but rather the Royals vs the White Sox as I personally believe the Royals will be the Nationals of 2013, look for them to get a starting pitcher and some bullpen help in the off season

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