NFL Game of the Week

Here’s the writing debut of my younger brother. Since he’s in high school he thinks he knows everything, so I’ve given him the chance to prove it.

I’m new here in the world taken over by the Sportacalypse, and because I’m just Brenden’s idiot brother, I only get to write once a week. What am I going to write about you ask? Simple…FOOTBALL

Football Picks Week 1

Colts @ Bears- Bears win 31-10
Eagles @ Browns- Eagles win 27-9
Rams @ Lions- Lions win 34-14
‘Phins @ Texans- Texans win 24-16
Falcons @ Chiefs- Falcons win 23-17
Jags @ Vikings- Vikings win 20-17
Redskins @ Saints- Saints win 31-20
Pats @ Titans- Pats win 34-16
Seahawks @ Cardinals- Seahawks win 17-13
49ers @ Packers- Packers win 23-21
Panthers @ Bucs- Panthers win 28-7
Steelers @ Broncos- Broncos win 23-19
Bengals @ Ravens- Ravens win 27-20
Chargers @ Raiders- Chargers win 26-6

Bills @ Jets

It’s the game of the week because it means so much to both teams. If the Bills win, they may actually have a good team that can get on a solid run and keep it going for once (see past 4 years). They will get the big win that will help the franchise turn the page and become a winning football team. If they don’t win, then, oh well, what else is new? The Bills have not had any expectations for a dozen years so another loss just means they will have to be ready for the next week. They are a team that needs to stay healthy and take things week-by-week.

The Jets on the other hand need to win this game. Their fat coach may have gotten just a bit slimmer but their quarterbacks still suck. Mark Sanchize, whoops I mean Sanchez, can’t throw the deep ball and TIM TEBOW has had such a great preseason. Did you see the highlight of him throwing a ball into a garbage can 25 yards away? Amazing! I’m pretty sure a 4-year-old girl could accomplish that feat.Anyway they still have a stellar defense that can shut down anyone not named the Packers and can also keep them breathing. For now.
FINAL SCORE: Bills win 26-20

Fred “Action” Jackson will score once and Fitzpatrick and company will take care of the rest. The Jets will score a defensive TD and Sanchez will be picked off twice as the Bills win one that never gets as close as the final score looks.


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