Where are you Now…Shane Spencer?

Shane showing how great he would be at holding a runner coming around 2nd

Shane Spencer, if you’re a Yankee fan you know the name well and, in all likeliness, a smile came across your face after reading the name. Shane burst onto the scene in 1998 and quickly became a fan favorite and it’s clear why, just look at that cute face of his. After smashing 10 home runs in just 67 at bats in the closing month of the 1998 season, Shane’s popularity grew and he earned a spot on the post season roster. Sadly, after he burst on the scene, Shane became nothing more than a role player until he was kicked to the curb in 2002. His fall from grace happened quickly and soon he became blacklisted because of his off field troubles. Wait…an Irish (looking) guy getting in trouble with the law because of alcohol, is that possible? I know, it’s preposterous!

Shane, I’ll always remember you and how much of an impact you had on the Yankees bench while you were still there. I heard that before they destroyed “old Yankee stadium” they made sure to keep the ass groove you left on the bench, yours was slightly smaller than Luis Soho’s. You also gave me a more memory I will have for life…In middle school my baseball coached actually nicknamed me Shane Spencer, which was a great honor until I realized that was really just him getting me ready for spending my entire 8th grade season on the bench.

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