Where Are You Now…Quinton McCracken

I missed last weeks post, which is the best thing to do when starting a new feature, but here is this weeks and what I great name I got. Thanks, Joe!

Any value this picture had because of the old Devil Rays uniform was immediately wiped out with that autograph

Blessed with one of the best names in baseball history, Mr. McCracken was a decent baseball player who had a ton of upside. According to Wikipedia, the best source of information, Quinton was a three sport star in high school and no one knows what happened after that. His shining moment was when he was the first center fielder in Tampa’s history and we all know how many great center fielders they have had, none. Yes I know BJ Upton is still playing. After 1998 Quinton’s career went downhill because of injury and he could never conjure up his performance with the Devil Rays and finished his career with the Cincinnati Reds making his last appearance in 2006 (how did I miss that?!). Currently Mr. McCracken is the Assistant Director of Player Development for the Arizona Diamondbacks and considering their lack of success he seems as lackluster in this position as he did in the big leagues. Quinton we miss you, keep up the great work in Arizona and please, when you’re inducted into the Rays’ hall of fame (it has to happen) wink twice with your left eye to let me know you read this.

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